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Welcome to Grand ForksMoving soon? Would you like to talk to somone about what it takes to list your home? Just fill out a simple form to get started today!

If you have any questions or for more information, contact: or call: (local) 701-772-6641 or (out of state) 1-800-884-5933.

Everyone sells a home at certain times in their lives. Lots of questions ensue. Greenberg Realtors can help guide you through them.

When it comes to experience, Greenberg Realtors have got it. No hassle and quality customer service is the key to keeping everyone happy.

First thing is preparation:

When getting your home ready to sell, ask yourself-

  • Why do I want to sell this "home" I've created for myself over the years?
  • Do I need more space, or do I need to downsize?
  • Am I transferring jobs to a new city or state?

When you get in touch with a Greenberg Realty Realtor® they can assist you with these and many more questions you might have. All of our Realtors® are trained, and have the knowledge of our industry and areas in mind for you.

Clean up your home and keep it up throughout the process. Do a complete walkthrough before placing your home on the market. Remember to fix anything that needs attention before you place your home on the market.

Getting Your Home Listed:

Contact Greenberg Realty and ask for anyone... you can be assured of the same great service and professional treatment from all of out Realtors®. When choosing "your" Realtor®, talk to your friends, neighbors, and relatives. They can be the best resource in guiding you to the right Realtor® for you.

Some sample questions that can help you-

  • How long have you been selling Real Estate?
  • Do you have any certifications?
  • What will you do to determine my price?
  • What is a market analysis?
  • How long will it take to complete the paperwork?
  • What kind of timeframe can I expect with my home selling?

Property Value:

You must price your home accordingly. Try and keep it just right in pricing, meaning the price isn't too high, or too low.

In either case you must keep your home from overpricing and scaring away potential buyers. Don't drop the price too far too fast and sell for too little.

Evaluate your Own Situation-

  • Do you need to sell fast?
  • Are you willing to sit on your home if it doesn't sell fast?
  • Can you negotiate a little on the price of your home?
  • Is the price the bottom line and that is it?

A Greenberg Realtor® can get you a market analysis for the recently sold homes, current listings, and currently pending listings for free.

If you would like a free market analysis please contact Greenberg Realty at (701) 772-6641, (800) 884-5933, or click on the contact us button.


You have to get your home on the market to sell your home. Your Greenberg Realty Realtor® will work with you to get a plan for marketing your home.

Here are a few ways to direct people to your home:

  • Your Home in Rotation on Greenberg's Office LED Pedestal Sign
  • Yard Signs
  • Print Advertising
  • Open Houses
  • Feature Sheets
  • Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

Selling The Home:

Get the Offer

A few variables to an acceptable offer-

  • Is it close to the asking price?
  • Do you want to wait for more offers?
  • What if it's a multiple offer situation?
What happens with a Counter Offer?

Potential buyers can come back and do the following:

  • We aren't interested, and not what we wanted.
  • This is the home for us, we will purchase the house on buyers terms per agreement.
  • We would be interested in the property, but here is our counter offer for the property.

This process can be or seem very complicated. A Greenberg Realtor® try to keep this a stress & hassle free process.

3 ways to react in negotiating:

  • Accept the proposal.
  • Decline.
  • Make another counter offer.

Closing The Deal:

When an agreement is reached with buyers & sellers, Greenberg Realty works closely with closing agencies to help guide the process along. Greenberg Realtors® will keep the focus on you, the client to continue to provide all the answers to the many questions that come along the way to a smooth closing.